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Apple Trees for Growing in Brisbane

Unlike their cold weather cousins, Tropical Apples (Malus domestica) don't require any cold weather to get fruit. This allows them to fruit well around Brisbane, and even further

  • Espaliered Apple Fruit Tree

How to Espalier a Fruit Tree

The art of espaliered fruit trees has been practiced in Europe for centuries. Most would agree they are a stunning feature; a beautiful and practical work of art.

  • Fruit trees enjoy mulch

Rainforest Mulch for Better Plant Health

Mulching is important for plant health. For best results when mulching your fruit trees, adopt a rainforest-style approach. The Ideal Environment "Excuse me, which way to the

  • Fruit Tree Growing in Brisbane

Growing Fruit Trees in Brisbane

Brisbane has a wonderful subtropical climate that is suitable for growing a wide range of fruit trees.  In this growing guide, we will discuss some basic techniques for

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Top 5 Easy to Grow Fruit Trees

Have you ever had trouble finding someone to water the plants while you're on holiday?  The solution is simple. Choose hardy plants that don't need a lot of

  • Grafted Mango

Grafted Fruit Trees vs Seedlings

What is the difference between a 'grafted' fruit tree, and one that was grown from a seed?  Are grafted fruit trees better, or worse than seedlings?  In

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We are an Organic Plant Nursery

At the core of our values lies a strong passion for the environment. We endeavour to use 100% safe and natural gardening products, and we use and promote organic gardening practices. Environmental safety is important to us. For example, we have implemented a plant pot recycling program. This reduces the need to manufacture new plastic and reduces our carbon footprint. Ladybird Fruit Trees is leading the way in ensuring a healthy environment for our children to enjoy.