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  • Blueberry Plant For Subtropical Climate

Blueberries for Subtropical Climates

Blueberries are a naturally dwarf fruit tree that doesn't take up much space in your yard. They perform brilliantly in pots ranging in size from 35L -70L

  • Macadamia Nuts

Macadamia Nut Trees

Have you seen the price of macadamia nuts lately? And yet they are so easy to grow in your backyard.Macadamia nut trees originated from South East Queensland and

  • Apple Trees for Brisbane Climate

Growing Apple Trees in Hot Weather Climates

Unlike their cold weather cousins, Tropical Apples (Malus domestica) don't require any cold weather to get fruit. This allows them to fruit well in subtropical climates (such as

  • Espaliered Apple Fruit Tree

How to Espalier a Fruit Tree

The art of espaliered fruit trees has been practiced in Europe for centuries. Most would agree they are a stunning feature; a beautiful and practical work of art.

  • Fruit trees enjoy mulch

Rainforest Mulch for Better Plant Health

Mulching is important for plant health. For best results when mulching your fruit trees, adopt a rainforest-style approach. The Ideal Environment "Excuse me, which way to the

  • Fruit Tree Growing in Brisbane

Growing Fruit Trees in Brisbane

Brisbane has a wonderful subtropical climate that is suitable for growing a wide range of fruit trees.  In this growing guide, we will discuss some basic techniques for

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  • review rating 0  I have just visited the nursery for the first time and I will definitely be back for more! Super friendly service and knowledgeable (which helps when you're a black thumb!) Big variety and very healthy plants. Very happy to support this small family business 👌

    thumb Sam Donovan

    review rating 0  nice and healthy plants ^ ^

    thumb 簡瑜嫺

    review rating 0  Such a friendly family with a large range of trees and plants that have clearly had a lot of TLC. Thank you so much for your patience and helpful service! We cannot wait to get planting.

    thumb Lizz O'Connell

    review rating 0  Huge variety of healthy plants, Great customer service 🤩

    thumb Meenu Rose
  • review rating 0  Absolute quality plants , thank you Daniel for all your advice and fantastic customer service . Very happy . ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

    thumb Paula Gray

    review rating 0  What an awesome find Ladybird Nursery was for me ! Great plants and a great variety and a wealth of knowledge to boot ! Thanks Dan I’ll be back for more

    thumb Scott Ball

    review rating 0  Really healthy looking, well cared for plants. Enjoyed my visit there yesterday and very happy with our new mulberry and avo trees.

    thumb Jo Drew

    review rating 0  Thanks for the advice on dwarf fruit plants to grow in pots. Great variety of plants and they all looked healthy. I got a dwarf peach tree, dwarf mulberry tree, kaffir lime and peace lily.

    thumb Michelle Seow-Brock
  • review rating 0  Dan really knows his stuff and has much better quality plants than Bunnings. Highly recommended.

    thumb Paul Boon

    review rating 0  amazing variety health trees great prices

    thumb Kellie Lupton

    review rating 0  Awesome little find. The guy was very helpful and knowledgeable. Home now to pot up our dwarf fruit trees. 😄

    thumb Therese Wessling Roselt

    review rating 0  we have shopped here twice and the range of trees and plants is fantastic, service is top notch and the price is great!! we will definitely be back!!!

    thumb Kristi Cash
  • review rating 0  Super Service and awesome plants! Daniel is helpful and I will definitely buy there again!

    thumb Stefan Eugen Sonderegger

    review rating 0  Amazing nursery👍🏻👍🏻and over that excellent customer service.

    thumb Damanjot Somal Sandhu

    review rating 0  My philodendren is perfect. Will definitely buy there again.

    thumb Sandra Riordan

    review rating 0  Great service and great selection of plants. And amazingly reasonable price!! I have been looking for gardening tips for few months but Daniel gave me all the solution. Highly recommend.

    thumb Yuko Barlow
  • review rating 0  Fantastic variety, healthy plants and great service! Will come back again!

    thumb Thomas Esler

    review rating 0  Couple of Palmer dwarf mango trees potted and enjoying the evening sun. Great quality from Ladybird.

    thumb David Holman

    review rating 0  I found Daniel to be very knowledgeable And willing to share some great tips for getting the most from the plants I brought home. Great choice of suitable fruit trees and some really interesting varieties. I’m very happy to recommend Ladybird Nursery for great fruit trees for Brisbane’s climate. Very reasonable prices too. A pleasant surprise.

    thumb Andrew Nicholls

    review rating 0  Wonderful service, super friendly and there is eftpos available. Great selection thanks Ladybird Nursery!!

    thumb Sara Claassen
  • review rating 0  Great service...good selection of hard-to-get plants

    thumb Michael McCaughey

    review rating 0  What a well-kept secret! Fantastic place to visit, just like a tropical rainforest. Beautiful fruit trees and plants everywhere, some have got fruit already - highly recommended!

    thumb Quyen Pham

    review rating 0  Great guy! very friendly! nice selection of fruit plants!

    thumb Sophath Sem

    review rating 0  Great setup !! Daniel has so much plant knowledge very professional 👍😄

    thumb Rebekah Charmaine Pike