The Best Fruit Tree Nursery in Brisbane

Ladybird Fruit Tree NurseryLadybird Nursery is Brisbane’s Premier Fruit Tree Nursery. We are a small family business in Kallangur, North Brisbane (find us on the map). Here you will find a tropical oasis of plants suitable for growing in Brisbane’s subtropical climate. We grow a massive range of fruit trees. Expert advice. Unbeatable prices. Friendly service. Open most days. EFTPOS available.

Quality Fruit Trees & Plants

We stock a wide range of quality fruit trees and plants including:

  • Fruit trees, herbs and vegetable seedlings
  • Ornamental and flowering plants
  • Indoor plants
  • Hedging plants
  • Low maintenance plants

A Plant Nursery with Personal ServiceLadybird Fruit Tree Plant Nursery Brisbane

Every backyard has different soil, aspect, sunlight, and space considerations.  Some plants prefer a particular soil type and watering schedule.  Some are suitable for growing in pots, while others should be planted in the ground.  Low maintenance plants thrive on neglect, while others need some TLC to grow successfully.  We have all the answers to help you select the perfect range of plants for your garden. In addition, we offer exclusive planting tips and advice to make your garden beautiful and productive!

Lowest Prices

We live here at the plant nursery. This means we can keep our costs and overheads low, and pass those savings onto our customers. At Ladybird Fruit Tree Nursery, you can expect the lowest price, everyday! That’s our promise to you.

We know what’s growing on around Brisbane.

Opening Times

Tuesday:9am – 5pm
Wednesday:9am – 5pm
Thursday:9am – 5pm
Friday:9am – 5pm
Saturday:9am – 5pm

Our Little StoryDwarf Citrus Fruit Trees at Ladybird Nursery Brisbane

Our horticultural adventure started with me as a little kid planting some tomato seeds for my dad in the backyard.  We used to fertilise them by burying fish heads from our fishing trips around the base of the plants.  That was the best fertiliser ever!

When we moved into our first house, we wanted to plant some fruit trees but we didn’t really know which varieties would grow well here.  Soil?  There was none to be found amongst the hard rocky clay.  Then we had trouble finding a nursery with the (strange) varieties we wanted.  So we started doing some research and propagating our own fruit trees.  Firstly I struck some mulberry cuttings, then it quickly ‘grew’ on from there.  Our passion for plants has never waned since.

These days we are all about sharing with the community the things we’ve learned along the way.  We grow a wide variety of trees and edible plants suitable for growing around Brisbane, including seedlings, grafted and exotic fruit trees.  Also some ornamental and flowers.  I often wonder how my little plants will enjoy their new homes…

Growing Fruit Trees in Brisbane

Dwarf Lemon TreeGrowing fruit trees around Brisbane is a task full of challenges and rewards.  Thinking as a plant would think, our scorching summers are only made worse by bone-dry winters. On top of this, many areas of Brisbane are afflicted by hard clay-based soils.  A bleak picture.  However, amidst this harsh subtropical climate there are amazing opportunities, if only we can follow a few simple steps:

  1. Plant the right variety of fruit trees to match our subtropical climate and your soil type.
  2. Choose the right position in the garden, a spot that receives the right amount of sunlight to meet the individual requirements of the plant.
  3. Prepare the soil well to get them off to a good start.
  4. Make a monthly routine of continually feeding and improving the soil around your fruit trees.

We Do More than Just Sell Plants

Our plant nursery has a complete range of fruit trees for growing in Brisbane.  We offer a personal service including planting advice to help your backyard off to a flying and productive start.  We have made all of the mistakes for you (so you don’t have to make them!).

Stay in touch.  After your trees flower and fruit we want to hear the stories!  Let us know how your new fruit trees are doing.  Good or bad whatever the case may be, there is always a fruitful lesson to be learned.

Happy Gardening,
Daniel & Coco
Ladybird Fruit Trees Plant Nursery Brisbane