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  • Espaliered Apple Fruit Tree

How to Espalier a Fruit Tree


The art of espaliered fruit trees has been practiced in Europe for centuries. Most would agree they are a stunning feature; a beautiful and practical work of art. Not only does it save space in

How to Espalier a Fruit Tree2019-03-29T06:02:52+08:00
  • Fruit trees enjoy mulch

Rainforest Mulch for Better Plant Health


Mulching is important for plant health. For best results when mulching your fruit trees, adopt a rainforest-style approach. The Ideal Environment "Excuse me, which way to the forest?" In which of the following

Rainforest Mulch for Better Plant Health2019-03-29T05:51:22+08:00
  • Fruit Tree Growing in Brisbane

Growing Fruit Trees in Brisbane


Brisbane has a wonderful subtropical climate that is suitable for growing a wide range of fruit trees.  In this growing guide, we will discuss some basic techniques for planting and growing fruit trees. Firstly, what

Growing Fruit Trees in Brisbane2019-03-29T05:52:09+08:00
  • Dragon Fruit Tree

Top 5 Easy to Grow Fruit Trees


Have you ever had trouble finding someone to water the plants while you're on holiday?  The solution is simple. Choose hardy plants that don't need a lot of care and attention.  In this way, you

Top 5 Easy to Grow Fruit Trees2019-03-29T05:53:03+08:00
  • Grafted Mango

Grafted Fruit Trees vs Seedlings


What is the difference between a 'grafted' fruit tree, and one that was grown from a seed?  Are grafted fruit trees better, or worse than seedlings?  In this article we will compare the two

Grafted Fruit Trees vs Seedlings2019-03-29T05:54:37+08:00