Dwarf Fruit Trees for Brisbane Climate

Are you wanting to fit more types of fruit trees into your backyard?  Most fruit trees grow to a large size.  Picking all the fruit can be difficult without a ladder.  Now even people with large backyards are choosing dwarf fruit trees so they can fit in a wider variety of the fruits they love.  Dwarf fruit trees are perfectly suited to growing in pots and containers.  The best part is, they still produce the same full-sized fruit as their larger cousins.

NameHeightFruits afterPot/groundEvergreenSelf-pollinating
Pinkerton (A)2-4m *2-3 yrsPotsEvergreenPartly
Rincon (A)2-4m *2-3 yrsPotsEvergreenPartly
Wurtz (A)2-2.5m *2-3 yrsPotsEvergreenPartly
Biloxi1-2m1 yrPotsPartly evergreenSelf-pollinating
Burst1-2m1 yrPotsPartly evergreenSelf-pollinating
Gulf Coast1-2m1 yrPotsPartly evergreenSelf-pollinating
Kisses1-2m1 yrPotsPartly evergreenSelf-pollinating
Misty1-2m1 yrPotsPartly evergreenSelf-pollinating
OB11-2m1 yrPotsPartly evergreenSelf-pollinating
Chocolate Pudding
Maher2-4m *2 yrsPotsEvergreenSelf-pollinating
Custard Apple
Tropic Sun2-3m *4-5 yrsPotsPartly evergreenSelf-pollinating
Finger Lime Dwarf1m1 yrPotsEvergreenSelf-pollinating
Grape1-2m2-3 yrs yrLarge PotEvergreenSelf-pollinating
Red Hybrid2-2.5m *2-3 yrsLarge potEvergreenSelf-pollinating
Scarlet2-2.5m *2-3 yrsLarge potEvergreenSelf-pollinating
Kiwi Berry1-2m2-3 yrsPotsDeciduousSelf-pollinating
Salathiel2-5m *3-4 yrsLarge potEvergreenSelf-pollinating
Wai Chi2-5m *3-4 yrsLarge potEvergreenSelf-pollinating
Palmer2-4m *2-3 yrsLarge potEvergreenSelf-pollinating
Dwarf Black3m *1 yrPotsDeciduousSelf-pollinating
Dwarf Red Shahtoot2-5m *1 yrPotsDeciduousSelf-pollinating

* Can be pruned to 2m.

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