Fruit Trees for Growing in Brisbane

When selecting fruit trees, it’s important to choose plants that match your climate. Luckily we have made that part easy. At Ladybird Fruit Tree Nursery, we grow a wide range of subtropical fruit trees that are suitable for growing in Brisbane area.

NameHeight x WidthFruits afterPots/Ground^EvergreenSelf-pollinating
Abiu (Caramel fruit)3-5m x 2-3m2-3 yrsBest in GroundEvergreenSelf-pollinating
Achacha ‘Honey Kiss’10m x 8m5+yearsBest in GroundEvergreenSelf-pollinating
Dorsett Golden (Dwarf)3m x 2m *1-2 yrsLarge Pot/GroundDeciduous2 plants required
Tropical Anna (Dwarf)3m x 2m *1-2 yrsLarge Pot/GroundDeciduous2 plants required
Tropic Sweet (Dwarf)3m x 2m *1-2 yrsLarge Pot/GroundDeciduous2 plants required
Choquette (A)7m x 7m plus2 yrsBest in GroundEvergreenPartly
Hass (A)7m x 7m plus2 yrsBest in GroundEvergreenPartly
Lamb Hass(A) Semi-Dwarf5m x 3m *2 yrsLarge Pot/GroundEvergreenPartly
Linda (B)7m x 7m plus2 yrsBest in GroundEvergreenPartly
Pinkerton (A) Dwarf4m x 4m *2 yrsLarge Pot/GroundEvergreenPartly
Reed (A)7m x 7m plus2 yrsBest in GroundEvergreenPartly
Rincon (A) Dwarf2.5m x 2.5m *2 yrsLarge Pot/GroundEvergreenPartly
Sharwill (B)7m x 7m plus2 yrsBest in GroundEvergreenPartly
Sheppard (B) Dwarf4m x 4m2 yrsLarge Pot/GroundEvergreenPartly
Wurtz (A) Dwarf3m x 3m *2 yrsLarge Pot/GroundEvergreenPartly
Babaco3-4m x 2m *1 yrLarge Pot/GroundEvergreenSelf-pollinating
Cavendish3m x 3m1 yrGround onlyEvergreenSelf-pollinating
Dwarf Cavendish2m x 1m1 yrBest in GroundEvergreenSelf-pollinating
Lady Finger4-5m x 4-5m1 yrGround onlyEvergreenSelf-pollinating
Gold Finger4-5m x 4-5m1 yrGround onlyEvergreenSelf-pollinating
Red Dacca3-4m x 3-4m1 yrGround onlyEvergreenSelf-pollinating
Dwarf Red Dacca2-3m x 2-3m1 yrBest in GroundEvergreenSelf-pollinating
Blue Java3m x 3m1 yrGround onlyEvergreenSelf-pollinating
Berry Plants
Blackberry1m x 2m1-2 yrsPots/GroundPartly evergreenSelf-pollinating
Elderberry1m x 2m1-2 yrsPots/GroundPartly evergreenSelf-pollinating
Goji Berry1m x 2mUnder 1 yrPots/GroundPartly evergreenSelf-pollinating
Gooseberry1m x 2mUnder 1 yrPots/GroundPartly evergreenSelf-pollinating
Loganberry1m x 2m1-2 yrsPots/GroundPartly evergreenSelf-pollinating
Raspberry1m x 2m1-2 yrsPots/GroundPartly evergreenSelf-pollinating
Blueberry Plants
Biloxi1m x 1m1 yrPots/GroundPartly evergreen2+ plants beneficial
Brightwell1m x 1m1 yrPots/GroundPartly evergreen2+ plants beneficial
Burst1m x 1m1 yrPots/GroundPartly evergreenSelf-pollinating
Gulf Coast1m x 1m1 yrPots/GroundPartly evergreenSelf-pollinating
Kisses1m x 1m1 yrPots/GroundPartly evergreenSelf-pollinating
Misty1m x 1m1 yrPots/GroundPartly evergreen2+ plants beneficial
OB11m x 1m1 yrPots/GroundPartly evergreenSelf-pollinating
Peach Sorbet0.75m x 0.75m1 yrPots/GroundPartly evergreen2+ plants beneficial
Powder Blue1m x 1m1 yrPots/GroundPartly evergreen2+ plants beneficial
Sunshine Blue1m x 1m1 yrPots/GroundPartly evergreen2+ plants beneficial
Cacao (Cocoa Bean)2-5m2-4 yearsBest in GroundEvergreenSelf-pollinating
Carob10m x 8m5 yearsGround onlyEvergreenMale and female plant required
Cashew Nut4m x 4m2-3 yearsBest in GroundEvergreenSelf-pollinating
Acerola ‘Florida Sweet’3-4m x 3-4m *1-2 yrsPots/GroundEvergreenSelf-pollinating
Brazil Cherry Black/Orange/Red2-3m x 2-3m *2 yrsPots/GroundEvergreenSelf-pollinating
Cherry of the Rio Grande3-4m x 3-4m *3 yrsLarge Pot/GroundEvergreenSelf-pollinating
Grumichama Black/Orange3-5m x 2-3m *3 yrsLarge Pot/GroundEvergreenSelf-pollinating
Coconut Palm15m x 2m5 yrs plusGround onlyEvergreenSelf-pollinating
Dwarf Malay Green/Red/Yellow3m x 2m4-5 yrsLarge Pot/GroundEvergreenSelf-pollinating
Dwarf Coconut Samoan Orange3m x 2m4-5 yrsLarge Pot/GroundEvergreenSelf-pollinating
Aribica Dwarf2 x 2m2 yearsLarge Pot/GroundEvergreenSelf-pollinating
Dwarf Coffee – Catuai1-2m2 yearsPots/GroundEvergreenSelf-pollinating
K72-5m2 yearsLarge PotEvergreenSelf-pollinating
Chocolate Pudding
Bernecker4m x 4m *1 yrGround onlyEvergreenSelf-pollinating
Maher (Dwarf)3m x 3m *1 yrLarge Pot/GroundEvergreenSelf-pollinating
Mossman4m x 4m *1 yrGround onlyEvergreenSelf-pollinating
Ricks Late4m x 4m *1 yrGround onlyEvergreenSelf-pollinating
Seedling6m x 4m *2-3 yrsGround onlyEvergreenSelf-pollinating
Custard Apple
African Pride4-6m x 5m1-2 yrsGround onlyPartly evergreenSelf-pollinating
Paxton Prolific4-6m x 5m1-2 yrsGround onlyPartly evergreenSelf-pollinating
Pink Mammoth4-6m x 5m1-2 yrsGround onlyPartly evergreenSelf-pollinating
Dwarf Custard Apple3m x 3m *2-3 yrsLarge Pot/GroundPartly evergreenSelf-pollinating
Citrus Trees Click here
Red, White, Purple, Yellow2-5m *1-2 yrsPot/GroundEvergreenSelf-pollinating
Mammoth3m x 3m *1-2 yrsLarge Pot/GroundEvergreenPartly
Nazimet3m x 3m *1-2 yrsLarge Pot/GroundEvergreenPartly
Triumph3m x 3m *1-2 yrsLarge Pot/GroundEvergreenPartly
White Goose3m x 3m *1-2 yrsLarge Pot/GroundEvergreenPartly
Seedling4m x 3m *4 yrs+Large Pot/GroundEvergreenPartly
Finger Lime
Red, Pink, Green, Yellow, etc.2m x 2m1 yrPotsEvergreenSelf-pollinating
Dwarf Finger Lime1m x 1m1 yrPotsEvergreenSelf-pollinating
Black Genoa4m x 4m *1-2 yrsPots/GroundDeciduousSelf-pollinating
Brown Turkey4m x 4m *1-2 yrsPots/GroundDeciduousSelf-pollinating
Preston’s Prolific4m x 4m *1-2 yrsPots/GroundDeciduousSelf-pollinating
White Adriatic4m x 4m *1-2 yrsPots/GroundDeciduousSelf-pollinating
Cape Gooseberry1m-2mFirst yearPots/GroundEvergreenSelf-pollinating
Star Gooseberry2m-5m3-5 yearsGround onlyEvergreenSelf-pollinating
Giant Granadilla2m-5m1-2 yrsGround onlyEvergreen2 plants required for pollination
Sweet Granadilla2m-5m2 yrsGround onlyEvergreen2 plants required for pollination
Black Isabella1m-2m2 yrsBest in GroundDeciduousSelf-pollinating
Flame Seedless1m-2m2 yrsBest in GroundDeciduousSelf-pollinating
Muscadine1m-2m2 yrsBest in GroundDeciduousSelf-pollinating
Pink Iona1m-2m2 yrsBest in GroundDeciduousSelf-pollinating
White Muscat1m-2m2 yrsBest in GroundDeciduousSelf-pollinating
China Pear3-4m *2 yrsLarge Pot/GroundEvergreenSelf-pollinating
Indian White3-4m *2 yrsLarge Pot/GroundEvergreenSelf-pollinating
Mexican Cream3-4m *2 yrsLarge Pot/GroundEvergreenSelf-pollinating
Pink Hawaiian3-4m *2 yrsLarge Pot/GroundEvergreenSelf-pollinating
Yellow/Red Cherry3-4m *2 yrsLarge Pot/GroundEvergreenSelf-pollinating
Hog Plum (Ambarella)7m x 5m2 yrsBest in GroundEvergreenSelf-pollinating
Ice Cream Bean4m x 4m2 yrsBest in GroundEvergreenSelf-pollinating
Black3m x 2.5m *5 yrs+Large Pot/GroundPartly EvergreenSelf-pollinating
Giant/Grimal/Large Leaf6m x 6m*5 yrs+Large Pot/GroundPartly EvergreenSelf-pollinating
Red Hybrid (Dwarf)2.5m x 2m *2-3 yrsPots/GroundPartly EvergreenSelf-pollinating
Scarlet (Dwarf)2.5m x 2m *2-3 yrsPots/GroundPartly EvergreenSelf-pollinating
Yellow6m x 6m*5 yrs+Large Pot/GroundPartly EvergreenSelf-pollinating
Amber6-10m x 6m2 yrsGround onlyEvergreenSelf-pollinating
Black Gold6-8m x 6m2 yrsGround onlyEvergreenSelf-pollinating
Galaxy6-10m x 6m2 yrsGround onlyEvergreenSelf-pollinating
J336-10m x 6m2 yrsGround onlyEvergreenSelf-pollinating
Seedling6-10m x 6m3-5 yrsGround onlyEvergreenSelf-pollinating
Li6m x 6m *1-2 yrsLarge Pot/GroundDeciduousSelf-pollinating
Chiko6m x 6m *1-2 yrsLarge Pot/GroundDeciduousSelf-pollinating
Sihong6m x 6m *1-2 yrsLarge Pot/GroundDeciduousSelf-pollinating
GA-8666m x 6m *1-2 yrsLarge Pot/GroundDeciduousSelf-pollinating
Seedling6m x 6m *3-5 yrsLarge Pot/GroundDeciduousSelf-pollinating
Kiwi Berry2m x 2m2-3 yrsLarge Pot/GroundDeciduousSelf-pollinating
Kwai Muk10m+5 yearsGround onlyEvergreenSelf-pollinating
Biew Kiew5m x 5m *4-5 yrsBest in GroundEvergreenSelf-pollinating
Chompoo3m x 3m *4-5 yrsLarge Pot/GroundEvergreenSelf-pollinating
Haew5m x 5m *4-5 yrsBest in GroundEvergreenSelf-pollinating
Kohala5m x 5m *4-5 yrsBest in GroundEvergreenSelf-pollinating
Seedling10m+5+ yrsGround OnlyEvergreenSelf-pollinating
Bessel Brown2-5m *2 yrsBest in GroundEvergreenSelf-pollinating
Nagasakiwase2-5m *2 yrsBest in GroundEvergreenSelf-pollinating
Seedling5-10m5 yrsGround onlyEvergreenSelf-pollinating
Chompogo (Late Season)5m x 5m *2-3 yrsBest in GroundEvergreenSelf-pollinating
Erdon Lee5m x 5m *2-3 yrsBest in GroundEvergreenSelf-pollinating
Kwai Mai Pink5m x 5m *2-3 yrsBest in GroundEvergreenSelf-pollinating
Red Ball5m x 5m *2-3 yrsBest in GroundEvergreenSelf-pollinating
Salathiel (Dwarf)3m x 3m *2-3 yrsLarge Pot/GroundEvergreenSelf-pollinating
Wai Chi (Dwarf)3m x 3m *2-3 yrsLarge Pot/GroundEvergreenSelf-pollinating
Grafted (849, A268, A38 etc)5m x 5m2-3 yrsGround onlyEvergreenSelf-pollinating
Seedling5-10m5+ yrsGround onlyEvergreenSelf-pollinating
(Garcinia intermedia)
5m2 yrsPots/GroundEvergreenSelf-pollinating
Malabar Chestnut5-10m3-4 yrsLarge Pot/GroundEvergreenSelf-pollinating
Alphonso7m x 7m2 yrsGround onlyEvergreenSelf-pollinating
Alison Red (Dwarf)4m x 2m *2 yrsLarge Pot/GroundEvergreenSelf-pollinating
Banana Ken (Dwarf)4m x 2m *2 yrsLarge Pot/GroundEvergreenSelf-pollinating
Bowen7m x 7m2 yrsGround onlyEvergreenSelf-pollinating
Bambaroo7m x 7m2 yrsGround onlyEvergreenSelf-pollinating
Brooks Late7m x 7m2 yrsGround onlyEvergreenSelf-pollinating
Keow Savoey7m x 7m2 yrsGround onlyEvergreenSelf-pollinating
Nam Doc Mai7m x 7m2 yrsGround onlyEvergreenSelf-pollinating
Dwarf Bowen Mango4m x 2m *2 yrsLarge Pot/GroundEvergreenSelf-pollinating
Palmer (Dwarf)4m x 2m *2 yrsLarge Pot/GroundEvergreenSelf-pollinating
Strawberry Mango (Dwarf)4m x 2m *2 yrsLarge Pot/GroundEvergreenSelf-pollinating
King Thai (Dwarf)4m x 2m *2 yrsLarge Pot/GroundEvergreenSelf-pollinating
Seedling Bowen10m x 10m+4 yrsGround onlyEvergreenSelf-pollinating
Miracle Fruit2m x 2m2-3 yrsPots/GroundEvergreenSelf-pollinating
Monstera (Fruit Salad Tree)2m x 3m2-3 yrsPots/GroundEvergreenSelf-pollinating
Dwarf Black3m *1 yrPotsDeciduousSelf-pollinating
Dwarf Red Shahtoot2-5m *1 yrPotsDeciduousSelf-pollinating
English Black3-5m *1 yrGround onlyDeciduousSelf-pollinating
Hicks Fancy3-5m *1 yrLarge PotDeciduousSelf-pollinating
Dwarf Nectarine1.5m *2-3 yearsLarge PotDeciduousSelf-pollinating
Arbequina2-5m *2-3 yearsPotsEvergreenSelf-pollinating
Arecuzzo2-5m *2-3 yearsPotsEvergreenSelf-pollinating
Manzanillo2-5m *2-3 yearsPotsEvergreenSelf-pollinating
Saint Helena2-5m *2-3 yearsPotsEvergreenSelf-pollinating
Dwarf Garden Harvest1-2m2-3 yearsPotsEvergreenSelf-pollinating
Panama Berry2-5m1-2 yearsPotsEvergreenSelf-pollinating
Black Magic2-5m *2-3 yrsLarge PotEvergreenSelf-pollinating
Panama Red2-5m *2-3 yrsLarge PotEvergreenSelf-pollinating
Giant Purple2-5m *2-3 yrsLarge PotEvergreenSelf-pollinating
Sweet Granadilla (Yellow)2-5m *2-3 yrsLarge PotEvergreenSelf-pollinating
Dwarf Peach1.5m *2-3 yrsLarge PotDeciduousSelf-pollinating
Angel Peach2-5m *2-3 yrsLarge PotDeciduousSelf-pollinating
China Flat White Donut2-5m *2-3 yrsLarge PotDeciduousSelf-pollinating
Delightful2-5m *2-3 yrsLarge PotDeciduousSelf-pollinating
Florida Prince2-5m *2-3 yrsLarge PotDeciduousSelf-pollinating
Tropic Snow2-5m *2-3 yrsLarge PotDeciduousSelf-pollinating
Cape Fear10m +4-5 yearsGround onlyDeciduousPartially Self-pollinating
Western Schley10m +4-5 yearsGround onlyDeciduousPartially Self-pollinating
Shoshonii10m +4-5 yearsGround onlyDeciduousPartially Self-pollinating
Pine Nut10m +6 yearsLarge PotEvergreenSelf-pollinating
Azerbaijani2-5m *2-3 yrsLarge PotDeciduousSelf-pollinating
Ben Hur2-5m *2-3 yrsLarge PotDeciduousSelf-pollinating
Cyprus Hill2-5m *2-3 yrsLarge PotDeciduousSelf-pollinating
Rosavaya2-5m *2-3 yrsLarge PotDeciduousSelf-pollinating
Spanish (Dwarf)2m2-3 yrsPotsDeciduousSelf-pollinating
Wonderful2-5m *2-3 yrsLarge PotDeciduousSelf-pollinating
Raspberry ‘Tulameen’1.5mFirst yearPotsDeciduousSelf-pollinating
Rollinia (Brazil Custard Apple)5-10m5 years+Ground onlyPartly DeciduousSelf-pollinating
Soursop (Guanabana)
Diny5-10m2-3 yrsGround onlyEvergreenSelf-pollinating
Seedling5-10m5 yrs +Ground onlyEvergreenSelf-pollinating
Sapodilla (Chikoo)
Krasuey2-5m *2-3 yrsLarge PotEvergreenSelf-pollinating
Prolific2-5m *2-3 yrsLarge PotEvergreenSelf-pollinating
Tropical2-5m *2-3 yrsLarge PotEvergreenSelf-pollinating
Seedling2-5m5+ yrsGround onlyEvergreen2 plants needed
Sea Grape2-5m*2-3 yearsPotsEvergreenMale and female plants needed
Star Apple
Haitian5-10m4-5 yrsGround onlyEvergreenSelf-pollinating
Grimal5-10m4-5 yrsGround onlyEvergreenSelf-pollinating
Seedling10m+5 yrs+Ground onlyEvergreenSelf-pollinating
Starfruit (Carambola)
Arkin2-5m4-5 yrsLarge PotEvergreenSelf-pollinating
Fwang Tung2-5m4-5 yrsLarge PotEvergreenSelf-pollinating
Kary2-5m4-5 yrsLarge PotEvergreenSelf-pollinating
Kembangan2-5m4-5 yrsLarge PotEvergreenSelf-pollinating
Seedling2-5m4-5 yrsLarge PotEvergreenSelf-pollinating
Strawberry30cm1-2 yrsPotsEvergreenSelf-pollinating
Tamarillo (Red/Yellow)2-5m2-3 yrsLarge PotEvergreenSelf-pollinating
Sugar Apple
Big Eyes2-5m *4-5 yrsPotsPartly evergreenSelf-pollinating
Purple2-5m *5+ yrsLarge PotPartly evergreenSelf-pollinating
Seedling2-5m *4-5 yrsPotsPartly evergreenSelf-pollinating
Yellow Sapote (Canistel)10m+4-5 yrs
Emma10m+2-3 yrsLarge PotEvergreenSelf-pollinating
Lyndall10m+2-3 yrsLarge PotEvergreenSelf-pollinating
Seedling10m+4-5 yrsGround onlyEvergreenSelf-pollinating
Guy Sam2-5m2-3 yrsLarge PotEvergreenSelf-pollinating
Yeem Pay2-5m2-3 yrsLarge PotEvergreenSelf-pollinating
Seedling2-5m4-5 yrsGround onlyEvergreenSelf-pollinating
Wax Jambu
Pink2-5m *2-3 yrsGround onlyEvergreenSelf-pollinating
Red2-5m *2-3 yrsGround onlyEvergreenSelf-pollinating
White2-5m *2-3 yrsGround onlyEvergreenSelf-pollinating

* Can be pruned to 2m.
^ Suitable for pots (Pots, Large Pots, Ground). “Large Pot” means 45 Litres or more.  Many fruit trees can grow and fruit well in pots and containers, and sometimes can perform better in pots compared to in the ground!  Large fruit trees perform best in the ground as they have a large root system.