Native Bush Tucker Plants

Bush tucker fruit trees are Australian native plants that produce edible food. They are low-maintenance plants that thrive in poor soils and produce healthy bite-size snacks. We currently stock the following bush tucker plants.

NameHeightFruits afterPot/groundEvergreenSelf-pollinating
Blue Quandong10m+5 yrs+Ground onlyEvergreenSelf-pollinating
Blue Tongue2-5m2-3 yearsGround onlyEvergreenSelf-pollinating
Bunya Nut40m40yrsGround onlyEvergreenNeeds male and female to bear fruit.
Burdekin Plum5-10m5 yrs+Ground onlyEvergreenHaving 2 helps pollination but is not required.
Davidsons Plum5-10m4-5 yearsGround onlyEvergreenSelf-pollinating
Finger Lime Grafted (Green, Pink, Red etc.)2m1 yrPotsEvergreenSelf-pollinating
Finger Lime (cutting grown)2-6m2-3 yearsPotsEvergreenSelf-pollinating
Lilly Pilly (many types)2-5m4-5 yearsPotsEvergreenSelf-pollinating
Midgen Berry0.5m2-3 yearsPotsEvergreenSelf-pollinating
Macadamia Nut Grafted (A38, 849, A268, A4 etc.)3-5m3 yrsGround onlyEvergreenSelf-pollinating
Macadamia Nut Seedling5-10m5+ yrsGround onlyEvergreenSelf-pollinating